60-Minute Physics: The Course

The course that distills how the world works into 60 bite-size lessons.

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I really hope you enjoy this course and format where I bring together some of my favorite video lessons from YouTube, all in one place.

- Henry Reich, Founder of MinutePhysics

About this Course

This short course is inspired by the “MinutePhysics" YouTube video series created by Henry Reich, which over the past two years have accumulated near 200 million views from around the world. Henry's fun physics videos have been featured on PBS NewsHour, Huffington Post, NBC and Gizmodo.

The course promises to get you learning really cool physics facts – whether you're studying physics in school or college, want an approachable primer on the way the world around you works, or want an easy way to teach your children.

Once you join up, you'll get:

  • A discussion area under each video which allows you to discuss key concepts with a monitored and closed community.
  • The ability to download videos for offline viewing.
  • A place to track your progress through the course.

This packed course brings together 60 of Henry's top lessons from topics including:

  • Light and energy
  • Space and time
  • The Earth, moon and stars
  • Quantum physics
  • Theory of relativity

Here are a just few testimonials from fans of MinutePhysics:

Finally, physics — and other scientific topics — explained without the pain of hours of lecture and endless homework. Henry Reich, 24, with the help of his black Crayola marker sheds light concepts of physics and other cool science in one minute videos.

- Liz Kilmas, Science Blogger

Science is not my strong point, but when I have a question, I want an answer! My six-year-old son is also full of questions. Minute Physics helps give answers that make sense in just a few minutes.

- Rebecca Reid, Education Blogger

MinutePhysics is at the top of the heap when it comes to clear, fun, effective science lessons in easy-to-digest bites. It's also one of my absolute favorites.

- Joe Hanson Ph.D., Science Blogger

Your Instructor

Henry Reich
Henry Reich

I got started on the idea of Minute Physics after teaching a group as a Master’s student in Physics. I found that stick figures on a blank background to be the best way to take anyone from curious to understanding a new topic. 

I’m passionate about giving you the fastest way to learn a concept. This course is an effort to give you that sense of completion. From time to time I may also add exclusive content into the course. Enjoy!

Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between this course and Henry's YouTube videos?
This course is an enjoyable way to get access to 60 of Henry Reich's most popular YouTube videos which have been viewed more than 200 million times around the world. Anyone who signs up will get access to a monitored community, the ability to download videos for anytime and anywhere viewing, as well as a way to structured place track your progress as you learn.
Who is this course designed for?
This course is for anyone interested in learning about physics in a much more approachable way – whether you're still in grade school or college, or just want to indulge in a curiosity for science and the way our world works.
How are donations to 60-Minute Physics: The Course handled?
MinutePhysics creates free enjoyable videos to help educate the world about science – because of that we've opened up this course to allow anyone to sign up and learn. That said, we do appreciate anything you can do to contribute to our mission. If you're able, please choose one of the three donation packages below.

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